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What does "BQ-9000 Certified" mean?
Frequently Asked Questions;
BQ-9000 certified means that you have gone through the National Biodiesel Accreditation Program. This is a voluntary program for producers and marketers of biodiesel fuel. To receive accreditation, companies are inspected by an independent auditor and must pass a rigorous review and inspection of their quality control proceedures.

B99.9/B100, undyed and dyed, our facility can fill as little as 250 gal. totes up to 7500 gal. tanker.  Contracts are available.

Crude Glycerin:
Our glycerin has a low methanol content. It is sold for animal feed and other uses.

​     #1 Grade Biodiesel
Distilled biodiesel the purest form of biodiesel on the market